Light O' The Moon Dulcimers
About My Helper


Light o’ the Moon Dulcimers was established in 1982 by Molly McCurdy Anderson (now Molly McCurdy.)  All my dulcimers are custom designed and completely handcrafted.  I don’t have an assembly line; each one is built individually.  Most of the work is done on my kitchen table. 

Every buyer plays a part in designing his or her own dulcimer to suit their own taste.  Buyers can design their own sound hole patterns or select from a wide variety of pre-drawn patterns.  They have the option to choose from many different types of exotic woods.  I also do wood burning, if desired.  One of my favorite dulcimers was designed with a dogwood branch which covered the entire top of the dulcimer, with several of the blossoms cut out as sound holes and the rest of the branch was wood burned.

Some of my other dulcimer designs have included butterflies, trumpet flower vines, celestial designs, bears, Celtic patterns, hummingbirds, musical symbols and many other designs, with or without wood burning.  I’ve used a wide variety of woods including walnut (most popular,) mahogany, spruce, butternut, zebrawood, blood wood, purple heart, curly maple, sassafras, white ash and many others.  Buyers can select from a list of over 30 different types of wood.

All my photos except for a very few were recently lost in a computer crash.  Since I don’t have many past works to show to prospective buyers, we work together to design and preview drawings of the work to be done.  What I can’t draw myself, I have drawn by a professional artist and trace the drawings onto the top of the dulcimer as a guide for sound holes and wood burning.  All my work is pre-approved by the purchaser.

Prices range anywhere from $300.00 to $700.00, depending on the type of wood used, complexity of sound hole patterns and option of wood burning.  The more elaborate the instrument, the higher the price.  Pricing is always discussed during the designing process.  All my work is guaranteed satisfactory.  If the buyer isn’t happy with the finished instrument, he or she has the option of either having another one built, or simply doesn’t have to purchase it.  Customer satisfaction is my utmost priority.


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